The Jury wrote / Die Jurybegründung: 

A strange world, little black furry creatures disturbed by fish stuck on trees yelling for help.

Annoying sounds for the inhabitants!

One is doing the obvious: helping.

A metaphor about empathy and a society which rather fights the symptom but not the cause. A subtle plot developing into a multi-level story.

Fascinating and extraordinary hybrid animation film which grabs and touches the audience from the first frame. Unique.

Save the screaming fish!

Jonatan Schwenk


von Jonatan Schwenk, HDK, Offenbach

Die Wolfgang-Längsfeld-Jury mit dem Preisträger. 

 Von links: Michael Bentele, Steffi Kammermeier,Jonatan Schwenk, Paloma Rincón und Lisa Samia Högg

Foto; Margrét Rún